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Your Child, Too, Can Be a Genius


Imagine how successful your child can be with a brilliant mind, 
     lightning-fast learning skills, an accurate lasting memory,
and the creativity and problem solving skills of a genius.

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10 Keys to Growing a Brilliant Child from Birth to Adulthood

1.   Start as early as possible: Start now. Whatever your child's age is - don't delay. If yours
is a newborn, it is a perfect time to start. If your child is a teenager - it is not too late. As
parents, it is our privilege, and our obligation to take care of our child's education.  Now
is the best time to start. 

2.  Make it fun. For children, learning is fun. What does a child do when he plays
with his toys? He is diligently learning about his environment. If you observe a young child playing with his toys, you can see that when a child has completed learning all that he can learn from a toy, he tosses it aside, and looks for a new one! Keep it light and fun. This will ensure that your child grows
up to be a life long learner. 

3.  You are your child's natural teacher. No matter how many teachers your child has or will have in school and outside of school, you are his first and most important teacher. Take advantage of this and make sure you teach your child valuable lessons. 

4.  We all underestimate the ability of children to learn. When babies can't speak yet  we don't know how much they can learn and how fast they learn. We don't know how much they can understand. But this is a very valuable period of time. At this time your child is learning his mother tongue. At this time your child has an amazing talent to recognize patterns. You can take advantage of this important period of time to teach your child many things related to language skills, like vocabulary, reading and more. 

5.  If you expose your child to many subjects and activities your child will show you
what he is interested in. Then you can take advantage of his interest and relate other
subjects to it. Let your child lead the way.

6.  Children hate to be tested. Never test your child or it will stop being fun for him.
Trust that whatever learning activity you are doing with your child is successful.
Trust that your child is learning. Never doubt that. When it is the right time your
child will show you how much he learned.

7.  Children learn much faster than we adults do. If you want to keep your young child interested, you have to move at your child's speed - fast. 

8.  Your child's self confidence and self esteem are most important. Look for things to praise him for and avoid criticism. Every day, when your child goes to bed discuss the day's events and mention all the successes and achievements of the day. Get into the habit of doing this, it will make a big difference in your child's confidence.

9.  Teach your child to set goals early on. Set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Teach your child how to put together a plan, and how to change the plan when it is necessary. At the end of the year celebrate the child's achievements. Make sure your child knows how successful he is.  

10.  Make sure your child knows that it's OK to make mistakes. It's OK to try and fail. Failure is just a learning opportunity, a signal to try a different way. A child that knows this  will not be discouraged or give up. A child that knows this lesson will keep a healthy self esteem and confidence in spite of occasional set backs. 

The more you teach your child, the stronger the bond between you. As you watch your child develop, succeed and meet his own goals, the memories you are creating together will turn into the dearest memories in your  child's life, and in your own. To learn more about the ways to develop your child's intelligence, check out right now "The Manual Your Child Should Have Come With - How to Develop Your Child's Genius".


Just wanted to say thank you for your newsletters, I really appreciate every single one.
            The keys and steps you've given have not only helped my son, they have done  tremendous good for me, too. Thank you once again and hope to keep receiving such very helpful and educative information from you."
I've read your  newsletter "Develop Your Child.....", and visited your web-site,
I have to tell you that you did a wonderful job, and your articles are amazing!
Dorit Guy
Thank you for being such a wonderful resource. Your writings and words give me strength to go on. I can focus on what
I can do, not what I can't  and that is so uplifting.
God bless you and your family each and every day.


   I wanted to share my happiness with you regarding my daughter. I started practicing what you had written in an article regarding visual skills, to make them see from obvious to not so obvious things in each picture.
   I have found a great difference in her observation now. She analyses and observes things which even I don't do. Its so amazing to see her tell " Ma, see there is a dot here, and there is no dot in this", looking at 2 pens.
   I really thank you for writing such nice and wonderful things to bloom our little ones.
Thanks again and I wish she benefits from the other activities too.

If you're ready to turn your child into a genius,

 Esther Andrews is definitely a Must read, 
Must see and Must hear" 
Matt Bacak, #1 Best Selling Author  
Atlanta, Georgia

Ms Andrews, 

I am eternally grateful to you and my family for your
loyal support in my educating my children. I am using your
techniques in teaching Caleb to read and it is working so very well.

Judith Davis

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